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A glimpse of Mount Vernon Estate

Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, located in Alexandria, Virginia is among the most beautiful tourist spot in Southeast U. S. region. The property is located on the banks of the Potomac River and it's merely a 16 mile commute from Washington D. C. area. It was the beloved residence for George Washington, the first president of Usa.

The Property is spread over 500 acres which includes a fourteen room mansion and several other estate structures. The house was constructed in 1743 by Lawrence Washington, George Washington half brother. The original estate had been more than 8000 acres and of that, only five-hundred are actually preserved. The mansion can be described as wood made structure of Georgian style and it is particularly constructed on the hill which also has a panoramic view of Potomac River. It is surrounded by fine backyards, extensive lawns and subsidiary buildings.

In 1858, this specific territory was bought by Mount Vernon Ladies Association and then opened to the general public in 1860 as a vacation spot. The particular association has paid diligent attention in restoring the exact property plus designed with original items just like the way it might have been around in General Washington time. Today the property is well-known for its ancillary structures coupled with remarkable landscape designs.

Some of the attractions are the mansion, the outbuilding that surrounds the mansion which includes smokehouse, kitchen, slave quarters and also stables. Lately in 2006, this riverside property started out the Ford Orientation Center and Donald W. reynolds museum and education center showcasing art galleries plus theatres that expose the everyday life story connected with George Washington. The particular art gallery has got greater than seven-hundred artifacts and even holds interactive displays.

George Washington Distillery which is located three miles from the Estate shall be kept open from April through Oct. You can find just how the 18th century whiskey distillery as well as water powered mill was controlled. Anyone can furthermore go to the president Tomb that was completed in 1831. In addition you can view a burial place that honours the American-African slaves who actually been employed in Mount Vernon. Various other facilities inside the property include a books store, gift shop, foods court and also the Mount Vernon Inn restaurant .

There are generally many mt Vernon tours such as motor coach and boat that makes enjoyable in exploring the estate. At any moment of the entire year, you will see always activities taking place at Mount Vernon and during the Xmas holiday season , the estate celebrates with a special daytime program. Really fantastic activities include things like 18th century dancing, chocolate making demonstrations, candlelit walks, inspired decorations and many more.


Mount Vernon Estate is among the most popular historic site within the U. S. nation and it's also a must see North Virginia attraction. It attracts every age group and each year approximately 1 million people explore this particular awesome property. Have a look at our mt vernon tours to learn more about this significant location, touring hours and exotic tour plans.